Office 365 Training with Auptimal

History of Microsoft Small Business Server

In the early 2000’s I started a business focused on small business networking, website design and data management.  I was young and didn’t have a ton of tech experience.  But, I was armed with a fresh MIS degree and a helpful big brother.

We used Microsoft Small Business Server extensively to bundle in Windows, Exchange, AD, SQL Server and Office.  This was when Microsoft gave you the FULL VERSIONS of these server software licenses.  As a small business owner, you couldn’t beat the value.

Today’s Office 365 – A Ton of Useful Apps and Growing Every Day

Fast forward to 2018 and we’ve come full circle with Office 365.  It’s like the Small Business Server of old, moved to the cloud, managed by Microsoft and offering SO MUCH MORE than any of their products have in the past.

Office 365 is presently the most popular enterprise application in the market, in terms of total customers and monthly unique users (Okta Research, 2018).  In 2014, Microsoft proclaimed that Office 365 was their fastest growing product EVER…let that sink in a moment.

And it’s not just small businesses that are using Office 365…most of our larger, corporate clients are either already on it or actively planning to move to it.

Unfortunately, there is a common theme among all Office 365 users that we talk to, large or small: user adoption is suffering due to a lack of good training resources.  Power users are itching to build powerful, no-code solutions using the Office 365 tool-set but need the basic skills to get started.

Filling the Training Gap

For this reason, I’m excited to announce that Auptimal is now offering SharePoint and Office 365 Power User training in a classroom environment.  Our goal is to take users outside of the boilerplate training content provided by Microsoft (and by proxy, the traditional training providers) to provide real world examples of how to use Office 365 to solve business problems.

Visit this link to see all available training dates