July 9, 2017

Cloud Computing | Managed IT Services | Auptimal | Colorado

Still buying hardware and maintaining?  Why?

The long term cost of procuring hardware and maintaining it is growing, not shrinking.  Hardware itselfCloud & Virtualization may be “cheap”, but racking & stacking, cabling, patching, administrating, cooling… it all takes people and process and time and money.  Are you in the business managing IT infrastructure?  If not, you are wasting people & money working on things that are not core to your line of business…. Why?

Do you co-locate with your local telco?  Do you choose Rackspace? Maybe go all in on VMware, AWS or Azure? Again, if IT is not your core business, how would you know which choice to make?

This is when it’s time to contact Auptimal.

How We Can Help

There are so many options, so many platforms, so many technologies. How do you know which is right for you? It all depends on your goals.  Your goals need to be translated into technical requirements that can be executed upon.  That may result in a full migration to VMware… or AWS.  It may result in spanning over several service providers… whatever the needs, they will be based on your goals and our technical capabilities.  Auptimal can provide guidance with all of your Cloud & Virtualization needs, such as:

  • SWOT and\or Gap Analysis
  • Strategy, Planning & Project Management
  • Reference Architecture
  • Build of Materials (BOM)
  • Migration planning and implementation
  • Managed Services
  • Automation development and implementation
  • Training and Transition